Finnish Amiga Users Group - Saku 2012 event

September 29th, 2012

Superfrog & Elfmania

Classics on 3 projectors

Demoshow on 060, tuning, chatting


Network tuning

Happy reunion <3

C64, double SID, 1541 Ultimate 16GB, MSSIAH, Turbo Chameleon

Fortis on MorphOS

Gaming on projectors

New non-public demoversion of Digibooster 3


8 player Stunt Car Racer compo

Compo prizes

Gentle Eye corner

A1200/030, A500, A4000 (3xPIV)

Guestbook, free stuff

Boogie playing with MSSIAH

Sales table, one of them


Minimig corner

C64, SuperCPU, 1581, Metal Dust!

SAM440ep and AROS

SAM440ep with AmigaOS 4.1.5

Disco Boogie

Gaming on linkup A1200/030:s

MorphOS 3.2 beta on one PB

Game recommendations

Original game boxes

Tough gaming

MorphOS dudes

Stunt Car Racer winner

Useless WB1.1 on sale

Newly processed Saku 98 DVD

People watching DVD

Petro's speech at Saku 98

OS4 checking

Sanxion compo

Jaana <3

Sanxion winner

Super Skidmarks qualifying

Super Skidmarks winner

2nd place in Super Skidmarks

ProTracker 2.3d

Hello World compo winner

Hello World compo 2nd place

Neon Banana

Gifts from evil swapper

Three Picasso IV gfx cards...

...with output of course

Next time with 7 gfx cards, promise

YouTube videos