A500, SupraTurbo28, A590

A1200, 030/50, WHD-Load stuff

CD32 with FMV-module

Show material

PegasosII with USB wheel and VGP2

A4000, 060/50, PicassoIV, Delfina Lite etc

Prizes including A600, ArtEffect3, 3 USB sticks, CDs, games, pipo :) etc

PegasosI with wireless net :)

A1200, 060/66, demomachine

Retro corner

AmigaOne, G4/800

WormsDC compo, 2nd qualifying round. Competition Amiga was A1200, 030/50, S-video out, MAS-player

WormsDC on bigscreen. Bad shot.

Competition corner

We HAD ham and refreshments

Visitors' book

More pics