Test equipment

bplan Pegasos I
PowerPC 750 (G3) @ 600MHz
256 MB PC133
MorphOS 1.4.5 and 3D Update R2

Tested cards:
Voodoo3 3000 AGP [PIC]
Radeon 7000 (Connect3D, 32M SDR, VE, TV out) [PIC][BOX]
Radeon 7500 (Club3D, 64M, RV2S, CGA-7564TV, TV out) [PIC]
Radeon 7500 (ATI, 64M DDR, DVI) [PIC][BOX]
Radeon 8500LE (Hercules 3D Prophet FDX 8500 LE, 64M) [PIC]
Radeon 9200SE (Club3D, 64M, R92LE, CGA-S924TVD, TV & DVI) [PIC][BOX]

2D speed test


Hercules 8500LE got almost the same values as ATI Radeon 7500.

3D speed test

Tests were made with Quake I GL and Quake III: Arena.

QuakeI startup line:
glquakeMOS -ahi -ahiunit 0 -unit 0 -nomusic -nojoy -width 640 -height 480 -particles 512 -gamma 0.7 +mlook

QuakeIII was started with default options. Probably would need some tuning to get differences ;) CPU seems to limit now.

Tests were started with "timedemo demo1" in Q1 and "timedemo 1, demo four" in Q3.

Sorted with Q1 results:

               Quake I fps    Quake III fps
R7000              36               1
R9200 SE           71              22
Voodoo3 3000       71 *)           25 *)
R7500 Club3D       85              23
R8500 LE          100              24
R7500 ATI         100              25

*) Voodoo3 has 15/16bit modes for 3D, so it might give better values than Radeons

Some notes during the test

- 8500LE and 9200SE had little gfx distortion in quit confirmation in Quake I.
- 8500LE had transparent balls in Foobilliard where they shouldn't be transparent.
- 7000 had lots of gfx distortion when using 3D acceleration. Q3 flipped up completely. Foobilliard isn't smooth.
- 7500 ATI hangs on P96speed's DrawEllipse() test usually.
- All Radeons have little audio distortion when using 3D acceleration.
- Voodoo3 doesn't have audio distortion and feels surprisingly smooth in use. Has only 3 color mouse pointer.
- DVI works on 7500 ATI and 9200SE with DVI-D on TFT, but not with DVI->VGA adapter on SVGA. Probably same for 8500LE.
- Decided to stick with 7500 ATI :)

$VER: GFXCARD test on PegI 1.0 (27.08.2006)
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