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RNOAnim is a compact animation player that also has some conversion and editing functions. It supports IFF, GIF, and AVI (uncompressed/MJPEG) anims internally, but also allows a wide range of other formats via plugins and datatypes.

Platforms: MorphOS, OS4

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RNOInfoScreen works as a front-end to various music and media players by displaying the "now playing" information with cover art images, and by providing basic media control options for the user.

Platforms: MorphOS, OS4, 68k, WOS

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A lua script to fetch and display shell command descriptions from the MorphOS Library wiki (screenshot). Platforms: MorphOS, Linux
A Lua script to send scrobbles. UniScrobbler is designed to be used with Jukebox and it can output notifications to Magic Beacon (screenshot). Platforms: MorphOS
Lua/ARexx scripts for adding music files to Jukebox's playlist. Platforms: MorphOS
JukeboxAdder FLAC filetype
A FLAC filetype addon for JukeboxAdder. Requires installation of the experimental FLAC decoder. Platforms: MorphOS
Lua/ARexx scripts for unified control of popular media players: MPlayer, Jukebox, AmiNetRadio, AMPlifier, SongPlayer, AmigaAMP, DeliTracker, XBMC. Platforms: MorphOS, AmigaOS
A Lua script to save and set volume settings for each MP3 album played in Jukebox. Platforms: MorphOS
Two shell scripts to show the current IP and MAC address values on a window. Can be launched from the icon or even from the WBStartup drawer. Platforms: MorphOS
A Lua script for adding media files to MPlayer's playlist. Platforms: MorphOS
A shell script to give shutdown and reboot options in a requester window which closes automatically if nothing is selected. Can be used for example in Ambient Panels. Platforms: MorphOS
Unofficial version of the old Song.amirx script with Jukebox support. Platforms: MorphOS
RNO Records release #100
A musicdisk. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG/AHI), MorphOS, OS4
An invitation intro for Motorola Inside 2004. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
Hello Pussy
A demo released at Motorola Inside 2004. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG/AHI)
Crappy try for a MorphOS demo. Platforms: MorphOS
Gets Phat
A party slideshow. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
Goes Mekka
A party slideshow. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
Goes Lahti
A party slideshow. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
Goes Aldi
A party slideshow. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
A joke demo. Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
Tsätti XP
Tsätti XP Professional - a configurable joke demo (readme). Platforms: 68k (AGA/RTG)
Old and abandoned stuff
TV listings for Finnish channels (screenshot). Platforms: 68k
WU-ftpd controller
A GUI for managing connected users and statistics of WU-FTPD (screenshot). Platforms: 68k
AMOS games
Some old games made with AMOS. Platforms: 68k
jPV's MorphOS pages
Articles, guides, videos, demopack, skins...
Network Boot Disk
A network boot disk for classic Amigas. Platforms: 68k