RNOXfer is a graphical FTP client with support for SSL/TLS protocols.


  • Supports both explicit and implicit FTPS connections
  • Recursive file transfers
  • Resume support
  • Online editing of files (automatic uploading)
  • Create new files using the specific editor setup in Settings
  • Open double-clicked files using the program defined in Settings
  • Edit filenames and permissions
  • File search functionality
  • Calculate directory sizes
  • Import addresses in URL format
  • Configurable IP address and port range for the active mode
  • Ability to send custom FTP commands to servers

More detailed information and download links at Aminet.

Also available at MorphOS Storage and OS4 Depot, or install via Grunch.

RNOXfer is donationware, click the Donate button here if you keep using the program.

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