Clean desktop

Ambient windows. Bookmarks are nice :)

Mime and USB settings

More settings

MUI4 settings

Good old Magellan2 works still :) Mounter is usefull tool too.

Network apps and 3d-acc demo running

Mandatory eyecandy with transparecy. Yuck :)

And those switchers... amiga-m ftw ;) New Sputnik browser on other screen

I like the titlebar modules... SSH Console is included too.

MorphOS comes with ShowGirls!

Incredibly usefull dragable preview!

More Show...

More Girls...

Nice apps inside. New version of APDF, calcs and LCD test.

More apps from MorphOS2 installation...

File and font requesters have improved too.

VLC playing DVD and mplayer playing avi.. not included in CD :)

New Multiview, archive browsing (ISO, lha, zip etc), network printer works

Programs I've tested, blanker prefs, etc

MorphOS2 installation screenshots