Tribute to DirectoryOpus Magellan 2 (V5.82) - Probably the best software ever :-)

Even when Magellan2 is as good as it is, there's still lots of 3rd party scripts, modules and info, which can make it even better. Sadly some of these pages have started to disappear. This page is small attempt to preserve the 3rd party stuff and knowledge for Magellan2.

Local links:

DirectoryOpus Magellan 2 (V5.82) and MorphOS 1.4 FAQ

Some really useful arexx-scripts from Dave. Too bad I don't have all and probably not the latest versions. Feel free to send missing stuff. Check the descriptions from the original page.

Universal links:

The Official page

Magellan 2 is open source now!

DOpus5 and Magellan 2 manuals in PDF

More to come when I get inspiration again... :)

Misc hints & tips if you haven't read the manuals well:

- I have found usefull to have button bank with different locations on your partitions. Text buttons for clarity or graphical buttons with drive icons for something else. You can then open listers with one click. You can set different location for different mouse buttons. Here in example picture you could open sys: with lmb, envarc: with mmb and libs: with rmb when clicking leftmost button. Use "ScanDir NEW path" command in function editor.

- You can drag & drop ftp locations from addressbook to startmenus and other places. Example startmenu:

- You can also type URL of the ftp site to lister's path string to quick open the site

- Inline edit works also on other than name field. On access field you don't even have to set the cursor on value you are changing, it's just enough to hit key (rwed etc...) somewhere in access field.

- You can copy selected files' names and paths to clipboard with rcommand-c. And name only with rcommand-shift-c.

- You can have wildcards (#?) in background filenames to get random pics.

- You can disable the Opus startup window with QUIET option after loaddb/loadwb or directoryopus executable. Works also with Magellambient and D2A.

Suggestions, corrections, complaints to jpv at amigascne dot org dot no spam.

$VER: DOpus Magellan II 0.00002 (10.04.2013) jPV^RNO

0.00001 (09.02.2006) - Initial release
0.00002 (10.04.2013) - Universal links updated