MorphOS 2 Review

What's New in MorphOS 3

Getting Started - A Beginner's Guide to MorphOS - New: 12 Jan 2016

Tips and Tricks for MorphOS Use - Updated: 31 Dec 2015

How to Install Directory Opus Magellan II on MorphOS

Directory Opus Magellan 2 on MorphOS (old misc stuff)

How to Make MorphOS Look Like OS4

How to Use Game Controllers

Preparing an Amiga Hard Drive

Mounting Network Drives - New: 07 Feb 2016

Buying a MorphOS Computer (Finnish)

MorphOS Article in Saku #50 (Finnish)

MPlayer, OWB and Scriba Tests in Saku #50 (Finnish)


YouTube videos

MorphOS Demopack

OS4.1FE style MUI config for MorphOS


JukeboxAdder 1.2
Lua/ARexx script for adding music files to Jukebox playlist.

JukeboxAdder FLAC filetype
FLAC filetype addon for JukeboxAdder. Requires installation of the experimental FLAC decoder.

MultiMeedio 1.2
Lua/ARexx script for unified control of popular media players: MPlayer, Jukebox, AmiNetRadio, AMPlifier, SongPlayer, AmigaAMP, DeliTracker, XBMC.

MPlayerAdder 1.0
Lua script for adding media files to MPlayer playlist.

JukeboxVolumizer 1.1
Lua script to save and set volume settings for each mp3 album played in Jukebox.

Unofficial version of the old Song.amirx script with Jukebox support.

UniScrobbler 1.3
A Lua script to send scrobbles. UniScrobbler is designed to be used with Jukebox and it can output notifications to Magic Beacon (screenshot).

Two shell scripts to show the current IP and MAC address values on a window. Can be launched from the icon or even from the WBStartup drawer.

A shell script to give shutdown and reboot options in a requester window which closes automatically if nothing is selected. Can be used for example in Ambient Panels

Chelp 1.1 (12 Oct 2016)
A lua script to fetch and display shell command descriptions from the MorphOS Library wiki. MorphOS (screenshot) and generic (Linux) versions included.


RNOInfoScreen 1.3 (21 Oct 2016)
A music player front-end and info screen, and a MorphOS blanker. (screenshots and information)

RNOAnim 1.1 (18 Apr 2017)
A compact animation player, converter, and builder. Supports a wide range of formats. (screenshots and information)

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